Tedy & Jazreel

Nov 2017 By alpha Melbourne

The places we go are the silent witnesses of love. Those were the words that perched on my mind when I saw the alluring photoshoots of Tedy and Jazreel. It is not just about the settings, it is also about the fact that the love they share with each other that is displayed through these pictures. Be it in the snow, be it under the limelight of the city lamps or be it around nature, their display of affection remains pure.

The time lapse of seasons from photos to photos also symbolize their volition to love each other always, no matter what the circumstance is. It does not stop there, though. You know how every season has its own beauty? That is also how their marriage will be like; every moment and every part will be a meaningful ride to them as long as they are together. The vow to stay committed to each other in any situation is not empty words said as an obligation, but what they will carry for the rest of their marriage life.

Through the shared looks in their pictures, it is pretty much undeniable that Tedy would always look at his woman lovingly, and Jazreel would always find happiness in the embrace of her man. May their love abides through the plentiful of seasons and seasons to come!