Hendra & Kiki

Nov 2017 By alpha Melbourne

Our story has never been a simple tale. If there are any words that could describe us, is that somehow we would always find a way back to each other in every turns the world led us into. It was a kind of puppy love at the very beginning where we simply enjoyed each other's company, spending hours on the phone with lots of laughters and sweet funny words around. We also have been separated for many times, as a friend and as a lovers, where uncertainty was, and forever will be, a certain thing. That chapter of our story has been a tough one, yet it has led us to this point, where we know another one thing that is certain right now, in this very moment. We hope in this chapter of ours, we will keep finding joy in each other, bringing comfort in times of sadness, and acting as support in times of difficulties. While life may bring us down, may we keep on walking together in hope and in love.